Ryan Robotters


Rugged in Harsh Conditions

Our arms are rugged enough to operate on mobile robots outdoors, in the freezing snow or hot desert. Adroit manipulators are sealed to IP67, making them impervious to driving rain or high-pressure wash-down.

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Strength & Function

We also offer dual arm configurations, including a fully functional 3-DoF torso. Some of these systems can lift over 100kg, even though they weigh less than 25kg. The dual arm shown below is dexterous enough to unzip a soft bag.

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Effective Control

Commands can be given to Adroit manipulators based on position, speed, or force. Create behavior trees, inspect trajectories, diagnose failures and provide robot recovery with PickNik’s MoveIt Studio.

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Dexterity & Function

HDT developed our patented, ultra-efficient actuators for DARPA Our actuators are fully modular and self-contained, with continuous rotation. The control electronics, absolute positon sensing, speed sensing, and true force sensing are built into each actuator. Internal power and gigabit Ethernet buses run the length of each arm, with breakout access available for customer-mounted sensors and…

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